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Background: Haiti already had the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the Western hemisphere before the March 2010 earthquake struck: the chances of dying from childbirth in Haiti were estimated by the World Health Organization as 1 in 17; more than 75% of all deliveries were assisted by non-qualified persons; 15% of newborns had low birth weight and 25% of the children suffered from chronic malnutrition. The maternal and infant health situation has now worsened across the country. According to the World Health Organization, skilled care during pregnancy and delivery could change these statistics radically.

Our Local Partner: Midwives for Haiti (www.midwivesforhaiti.org) is a small US-based organization founded in 2005. Its core mission is to enable access to maternal and infant care in remote areas in Haiti. The organization works with the Ministry of Health to provide obstetrics training to Haitian auxiliary nurses so they can attendant births.

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Our Project: Mothers at Risk is sponsoring the assignment of nurse-midwives graduating from Midwives for Haiti programs to mobile clinics serving the area of the Central plateau. The nurse-midwives provide prenatal care and at times delivery assistance to women who are otherwise too far from health centers and delivery wards.

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