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Mothers at Risk a.s.b.l. is a fully volunteer-based non-profit organization registered in Brussels in 2009 (with number 0817653679). Our work is managed by an Executive Committee, which reports to a Governance Board, in turn supervised by a General Assembly of members. We consult regularly with an Advisory Group of practitioners and experts in fields of relevance to our work.

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To manage our funds with the utmost rigor, and to provide tax-exemption receipts to donations from Belgium, the US and most European countries, we have created the Mothers at Risk Fund at the King Baudouin Foundation in Brussels, a public institution involved in social and economic development in Belgium and abroad. The Mothers at Risk Fund is lead by a Management Committee chaired by an expert in the field of maternal health, and composed of donors and philanthropy advisers.

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We are able to help thanks to the donations, skills and time of the members of our network. Please join us and help us make a difference.

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