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Musoma, Tanzania

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Skills-upgrading workshop for nurse-midwives


Tanzania has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in Africa; the chances of dying from pregnancy or childbirth complications in Tanzania are 1/23, the worst in Central and Eastern Africa. While infant mortality rates have improved slightly over recent years, maternal mortality has not. Disease (including but not limited to malaria and HIV/AIDS), early pregnancies, a paucity of family planning organizations, and a high unsafe abortion rate all contribute towards the present situation, particularly in rural areas. Other reasons include scarcity of trained health professionals and the difficulties for women in reaching hospital for pre-natal check-ups and delivery, due to dispersed health centers and hospitals in rural areas.

Our Local Partner

Established in May 1975, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Musoma undertakes pastoral and development activities in the Mara Region. The Diocese is particularly concerned with health care and manages fifteen health facilities where it focuses in particular in reducing infant and maternal mortality and morbidity in the area.

Our Project

Mothers at Risk sponsors training workshops to update their knowledge and skills of certified nurse-midwives working within the health care facilities managed by the Diocese of Musoma. The two-week training on essential obstetric and maternal care is based on the national curriculum and is lead by expert facilitators from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Pre-tests and post-tests show an increase in knowledge and improvement of skills from all participants, who prepare an Action Plan to help use and share their acquired knowledge at their respective health facilities.