What we do

At Mothers at Risk we prioritize local ownership and sustainability. We work with small organizations that are already providing basic services to their communities. We provide two types of assistance – technical (we help our partners with needs assessments, project development, resource mobilization, etc.) and financial (small grants).

Our support for pregnant women is informed by the three interventions experts agree can help reduce the number of deaths of expectant mothers and newborn babies: quality care during pregnancy and birth; access to emergency obstetric care when problems arise during pregnancy and delivery; and adequate reproductive health services.

Our support for women in poverty raising young children prioritizes those in situations of extreme social and economic vulnerability, including single mothers, widows and mothers in exile (immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking).

In addition, we believe in the importance of addressing some of the underlying factors that exacerbate the vulnerabilities of pregnant women, babies and mothers, including lack of education, poverty and discrimination.

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